Monday, 29 August 2011

Wolves reviewed

So. We all got up early and made our way to VP for the closest to a derby we really get this season in the league.

The atmosphere in the pub beforehand was a wary one. But we were all hoping that would blow over before kick off. Upon arriving at the ground we hear the news that the expected change of young for lichaj is a non starter and that AM had decided to go for the young aussy Chris Herd. Hhhhmm how would he come with i must admit we were all a little dubious.

Kick off approached and we took our seats in the holte. The sea of empty seats in front of us and around the ground was not nice to see but due to a number of circumstances could be somehow accounted for. Bank holiday? early kick off? Game on sky? high ticket prices? the "AM factor" ??
Whatever the actual reason it was not nice to see and as we were to find out it was our lowest attendance in the league since the beginning of the MON days and a home game against bolton.
The game kicked off in what must be said was an extremely subdued atmosphere pockets of fans trying to start the atmosphere building but to no success. The closest we came to a goal in the first half was when gabby ripped stearman apart on the wing put a ball across. Heskey was there. Fell over but managed to just miss the target of the goal on his way down as the ball whistled past the post. The main talking point of the first half was the moment young chris herd went in for a ball and flew himself square on with the oppositions post. With a sickening bang he fell to the floor. How he didnt come off with concussion is beyond me. As someone mentioned on twitter that day the aussies sure do make them strong.

The other highlight was towards the end of the half when our "trequartista" richard dunne dinked a chipped ball on the edge of the area. Class.
The whistle blew and the team went into no doubt a stern talking to from the gaffer.

The second half began and villa came out a different team they had upped the pace and we looked so.much more threatening but lacked the magic touch to produce that moment that would seperate the two teams but unfortunately that never came. And it finished as what they call a bore-draw.
Least it was not a defeat this season though. And was great to see Herd looking like becoming a great player for us. He was so solid and was always happy to stick his head in. Even after the incident with the post. Now we take a break for the international window and hopefully we can come back for that at goodison park and get a result against everton.
And to all the negative fans. It could be worse i 8-2 think what it must feel like to be an arsenal fan ;)


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