Monday, 15 August 2011

Sell on fees for transfer kitty, really?

So social outlets have been awashover the last few days with talk of the buy to sell problems at villa. And one thing has become stronger and stronger. That of Arsenals defensive deficiencies and their links to Boltons centre back Gary Cahill. When MON sold him to Bolton back in 2008 for 5 million the villa faithful were, safe to say, not the happiest, as he was starting to play for the Villa and us fans knew how good he would become but Cahill wanted to play first team football and unfortunately at the time we couldn't guarantee that at VP. So we sold him.

Now the talk is of the sell on fee we put into the deal. Apparently his transfer, if it happens. Will give us a transfer kitty for new players. Has life really got that tight at VP, the team that bought Darren Bent for 24 million back in January and then sold Ashley Young and he who should not be named for a combined total of 40 million. Has it really hit the stage where the only money we have for new players is from a potential sell on fee for an ex player? Quick question, if this is the case what happens if he does not move, does that mean we cant invest, then what happens if we get a couple of injuries our squad is thread bare as it is.

Apparently we also need to reduce wages still too. How is that possible apart from the obvious names being sold. If we want to be a top ten team we need to invest money and keep the team progressing rather than taking backwards steps of stripping the wage bill right down and not building a squad with depth

Now I am not a negative fan, not at all. But this does worry me. Yes i know financial fair play is coming in and yes under MON we did spend stupid wages on average players. But no other teams are cutting costs as much as we are. Were we really that bad wage wise in comparison with other clubs?? That i am not sure either way, but one thing i am sure of is. If we are not careful we could fall down the echelons of the PL. Do we want to be a club in mid table mediocrity, battling for our relegation place each year? Or realistically being where we should be, comfortably in the top 10 year in year out.


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