Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Is this a crisis?

Last night Villas season hit a low point. Going out 2-0 to a weakened Bolton team at home is not something particularly pleasing for any Villa fan! The worse thing was that we had our best team out their on the park last night minus Darren Bent.

What is the reason for this? The obvious answer of course is to jump on the bandwagon and blame Mcleish. But does it go further than the obvious?

Last night only two players seemed to really want to be there on the pitch Gabby Agbonlahor, again and Barry Bannan. What excuses did the other players have? Do we blame them solely. Of course not, The formation has been brought into question playing a 4-5-1 at home to a weakened Bolton team that had lost their previous four did not scream of going for the win did it. Yes we all know Mcleish is a so called negative manager who would rather a clean sheet than an attacking performance. But the question is how much longer will the core of the villa supporters continue giving him the chances. Game by game the honeymoon period is getting further and further away, Results are needed and fast. But then saying that we have a tricky away game on Sunday against QPR. They themselves are showing good form going into this game and their new signings have hit the ground running. Including the 2 players i would of liked Villa to buy. Barton and SWP.
How much longer do we give AM before the atmosphere gets extremely hostile? And after last night that could be sooner rather than later. Would we rather be playing Barca style of football like your Swansea City style but losing more than you win? I for one would rather the wins by playing not so pretty, As at the end of the season its the league table and cup finals you look at and remember, But still we have a problem that needs to be addressed. We have to score more and more importantly have to look like we might score. I for one do not expect a relegation fight like dome of the fans. I still honestly believe we can get a top 10. But we have to get behind the team and support for the long run, miracles dont exist and we need to build the future at Villa. Success does not happen over night. And if we get rid of AM then we have to start the rebuilding all over again. Just like we did this summer and under Houllier last year we will not progress.


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